How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your House

Squirrels are no fun to deal with once they have moved in to your attic and walls. They run around making a ton of noise and causing damage. They can cause both structural and electrical damage if they begin to chew on things within their reach. They can also bring fleas and ticks into your home. There are some excellent preventative methods to help you keep from ever having an Annapolis squirrel problem in the first place.

Get Professional Annapolis Help
You may have all kinds of handy household skills, however, you usually need a professional for this task. Squirrels are very clever and can fit in some unusual places. Someone who deals with these Maryland animals daily will be best for the job. There are usually some common entrance points that can be easily identified and repaired. There may also be some less obvious problem areas in the attic and walls will need to be secured. The repairs need to be put in by a professional so that they are done correctly. Incorrect installation will null the effect of the materials and leave your home vulnerable to the furry guests.

Common Entrance Points
One of the most problematic entry points for Maryland squirrels is the garage area. Many homes come equipped with attached garages and take a lot of reinforcement to protect against squirrels and other rodents. Even a small awning that runs from the garage to the home can be a perfect squirrel roadway. Erosion around weep holes can increase the size enough for squirrels to squeeze through as well. Do not underestimate the boldness of some Annapolis animals. A dog door can be very inviting to a cold and hungry animal.

Wire or mesh product is usually placed across large openings to keep the Annapolis squirrels out. Weep holes with surrounding erosion should be repaired immediately. Your attic will need to have protection at the openings to limit the space enough to keep squirrels out. You do not have to have every opening completely sealed, but there has to be a limit to any open areas. Trees extremely close to your home could also invite squirrels to check out the interior of your home. If you are moving to a new home, plant trees further from the house and remove the ones up against the house. Your family pet may even be a good helper in this endeavor. Dogs in the backyard can scare Maryland animals away quite well. Check all entry points regularly to make sure your structural preventatives are in good shape.

Prevention is key here. You may be able to keep from ever having a major Maryland squirrel problem with regular maintenance of your home. Bring in a professional when necessary and stay aware of changes in your home. Whenever you have work done on your home, recheck the squirrel prevention to make sure it is still in place. You can live peacefully with Annapolis wildlife, just not in the house!

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