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What Materials Can Rodents Chew Through?

If rodents such as Annapolis mice or rats have made their way into your house, they will cause many different kinds of damage. Some of the types of damages you can expect include torn materials, chewed up items, urine stained property, feces spread around, and contaminated food items. One of the telltale signs of rodents in the home are chewed up items. Rodents can chew on a variety of materials, some that you may not even expect. They can also chew through walls and other building materials. This article will talk more in detail about the materials that Maryland rodents have the capability of chewing.

Rodents can chew through virtually any material that is edible, including seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables. Rodents such as rats and mice can chew through electrical wires and insulations. Most rodents can chew through thin plastic materials, especially those thrown inside garbage cans or containers. Larger Annapolis rodents are capable of chewing through thicker plastic materials used in wrapping food items.

Rodents can chew through grasses, especially when they burrow. Some rodents are also capable of chewing through wood, especially when they want to access Annapolis homes. Rats for instance are known to chew through wooden components such as doors and windows and then gain access into the attic or into the roof. No rodent can chew through metal; however, rusted metals that have lost their strength can easily be broken down by rodents. Rodents can chew through other materials such as cardboard used in packaging certain materials. Rats can chew through book pages and can also create nests around such cardboard and paper materials. Rodents have perfect front teeth structures that help them chew through and tear through many materials and they can cause lots of structural damages with such dental composition.

As you can see from the information presented above, Maryland rodents can chew through a wide variety of manmade and natural materials, including plastic, wood, seeds, grasses, cardboard, books and food wrappers. This is a primary way that they can cause damage if they find their way into the home. They can chew through food packaging and contaminate food products and they can chew on countless items within the attic and living spaces, creating a mess. This is one of the main reasons that you should use preventative measures to keep Annapolis rodents such as rats and mice from entering your home.

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