Humane Ways to Kill a Skunk

If you have an Annapolis skunk on your property, there are several ways that you go about getting rid of it. One of the ways that people decide to go with is to catch the skunk in a cage, and then kill it once it is in the cage. This is the humane option but before sending the skunk to its final destination, you need to keep one thing in mind.

When the Maryland skunk dies, the muscles that are around the anal glands that contain that spray that they use to defend themselves releases. This means that the spray itself is released. What this means to you is that the odor will be there and be there for quite some time. If you have come across a skunk that has been hit by a car then you know exactly what is being talked about here. The Annapolis skunk has one last way to get even with the world, and that is by releasing this potent gas that will cause anyone to run away.

This is important to you because if you kill the Maryland skunk in the cage on your property, then you can expect that it is going to stink terribly around your home for quite some time. Carefully move the cage to another location and then send the beast to the afterlife. That way you will not have to face the wrath of that smell.

So what are some humane ways to do this that will also keep you from being sprayed?
Keep in mind that the moment that the Annapolis skunk sees you that it is going to turn and fire. So, you have to do something that gives you a long distance solution or allows you to kill the animal while there is a tarp over the cage. For many other kinds of animals a spike through the skull is quick and easy, but this requires you to get up close and that could be dangerous. One option that you can employ is to use a poison. You could slide some food into the cage that has poison in it. The Maryland animal will die and, if you have taken the animal out into the middle of nowhere, then when it releases the spray you will not be worried. You simply shovel it out of the cage, go home and shower and throw away those clothes.

You could shoot the Maryland animal. If you are a good shot, you could stand back a ways and pepper the cage until it is dead. This can get kind of messy to clean up, but it keeps you from getting sprayed. Another option is to put something in the food that causes the skunk to go to sleep. Then you can pull the tarp off and puncture it through the skull with a spike of some kind. This will kill the animal. You may even want to remove it from the cage before killing it so that the cleanup is much less intrusive.

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