Annapolis Wildlife and Animal Removal

Inspecting a house for Bat Entry Holes

If you live in an area of the country where Annapolis bats are known to reside then you are probably aware that it does not take much for them to find an entryway into your home. The smallest of crack or crevice it is the perfect access point for the bat to find a way into your Maryland home. Many bats weigh less than 4 ounces, which tells you it does not take very much for them to find access into your home.

The most common place is that bats like to enter into are the attics in people’s homes. Most people’s attics are quite secluded from the rest of the home and usually do not receive many of the human visitors to it. This gives the Maryland bat a great deal of privacy where it can relax during the daytime without being disturbed. If you are looking to ensure that a bat cannot get into your home then you need to go around the house and look for those special places we’re a bat can gain access. The first place to begin is by checking to see if there were any loose boards in the siding of your Annapolis home. It doesn’t take a very strong that to be able to push open the loose board to gain access. If you find that there are loose boards you not only need to nail them together tighter but it is a good idea to use sealant along there as well to ensure that it cannot come loose again. Many use glue as the sealant to ensure that this does not occur.

Another area where bats frequently gain access is when the small panels in a ventilation system are loose or damaged. Again, it does not take very much for the Annapolis bat to gain access into the home. The animal just needs a very small space, so if you find and that this is the problem or if you are concerned that this may be the problem the best solution is to place some kind of wire mesh over the ventilation panel. Bats cannot shoot to the wire mesh, despite what is presented in the movies, so this becomes a great solution. Also look for small holes where another animal may have created an entryway into your home. A Maryland rat or a squirrel may have created an entryway for the bat into your home, so you will need to look for things like this as well.

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